How Solid Is Your Corporate Transparency Reputation?

Posted by Francine Lane on Mar 15, 2018 5:08:37 PM


Increasing demands for clinical trial disclosure and transparency are dominating the medical journals and making their way into more general news outlets as well. Recently, Dr Ben Goldacre, Transparency Advocate, said “Clinical trial information is being routinely and legally withheld and this needs to end". While a few may see this as a distraction, many life sciences executives are prioritizing their role in strengthening customer trust by implementing disclosure best practices across their organization.

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Noncompliant Clinical Trial Transparency

Posted by Thomas Wicks on Jun 6, 2017 10:07:55 AM


Regulatory Risk is the possibility that changing regulations will significantly affect the organization, requiring additional investments, changes in operations, or other adjustments to address competitive and compliance issues.  The related Compliance Risk is the potential that your organization is in violation of regulatory requirements leading to fines, reputational impacts, and even delays or denials of regulatory approvals.   In the context of clinical trials transparency, this means anticipating, interpreting, and tracking global regulatory requirements, continuously monitoring compliance, and coordinating disclosure across departments, partners, and affiliates.

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